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Lisa, my wife, is getting dressed for a date night. We have been very happily married 12 years. We are both 34 years old, with me being a couple of months older. Luck was on my side when I chose to attend the same university as Lisa. We came from opposite ends of the country. I am from California and Lisa is from Georgia. We both grew up living near the beach and laugh when we tell friends we are both from the beach it just happens our beaches were on different oceans. After we got married we moved to Lisa’s hometown to settle down and begin our lives together.

Lisa is a woman who takes care of herself. She is petite, standing only 5 feet 2 inches tall and tipping the scales at 102. She is a brunette with her hair cut short to expose her lower ear lobes and cover her neck in the back. Her eyes are beautiful emerald green. When she walks past a group of men heads always turn. I love standing back and watching when this happens. She enjoys acting as if she doesn’t notice the attention. If one of the guys should whistle or say something she will glance back at them and give them her million dollar sexy smile then keep walking.

I always enjoy seeing her do this and we will sometimes plan it so I can watch from a distance as she tempts and teases the guys. Lisa could have easily been a model, but she told me she is not tall enough to do any serious modeling. I have argued petite women’s clothing needs to be modeled, but she just grins and tells me she prefers to model for me.

Unless she is just hanging out around the house my wife is seldom in anything other than a skirt or dress. She wears heels, because she thinks she needs the extra height. I don’t argue since they shape her legs and cute little ass very nicely.

One of my favorite things to do is wait for her to get dressed for one of her dates and see her as she comes out of the bedroom. I always know she will be dressed in something that compliments her body and at the same time will harden the cock of any man, who is not gay.

Today I planned it so I could be finished mowing the yard in time to be here to see her just before her date arrives to pick her up. Yes that is right, my wife’s date night is not with me. She doesn’t even know who I have arranged for her to spend the evening with.

You see my wife and I are into the Hotwife lifestyle. I enjoy setting her up with other men and she likes the variety and suspense of not knowing who she will be spending the evening with. A typical date consists of dinner and oftentimes will include dancing, but the one thing that always happens is she ends up with the guy’s cock in her.

I set up her dates, but only after getting to know the guy and being confident she will be safe. I try to find new guys, but some of her favorites I will call upon now and then. The first time she knows who she will be spending the night with is when he comes to the door, rings the bell and she opens the door. I enjoy seeing the look on her face, especially with the new guys.

She never refuses to leave with whomever I have arranged her date to be with. Unless the guy is a real asshole he will get to fuck her. Those are the two rules we established when we first began doing this almost five years ago. I have a spot, inside the house, I watch from where her date can’t see me. She knows exactly where I am and it always excites her knowing I am watching. There have been a few times I had my hard cock in my hand as I watched her meet her date.

Lisa is always excited when it is one of the guys she has been with before, because I only call upon guys she really liked the best, for any repeat dates. All the men know their date with my wife will likely be a one time thing. They know additional dates are possible but rare and that their chances of a second date, or more, is only possible if they show her a very good time. They also know I arrange her dates and she will not cheat on me. She will only let a guy fuck her if I am the one who arranged the date and am fully aware of what she is doing.

This will probably sound strange, but the place I like finding potential dates for her is at the gym. It actually makes sense when you think about it.

Lisa likes that I workout to keep healthy and in shape and she almost always goes with me to the gym. We never drive there together or act as if we know each other. Her membership is even in her maiden name so staff is unaware that we are married.

I hang around in the area where she is and watch the guys. If I see someone who is taking notice of her more than usual, or even better those who try to drum up a conversation with her I follow them and try to start a conversation. I end up heading back to the locker room when the potential date finishes his workout. We both prefer the married guys, so if he isn’t wearing a wedding ring, the chances of him being selected are dramatically reduced. Married guys are less likely to cause trouble.

The gyms usually have open showers allowing me to check out his breeding tools. He has to be above average in size to be considered. If he passes that test I will look for him the next time I come and eventually get to know him. After I have convinced myself he is a candidate we will have developed a quasi friendship. I will then gently ease the conversation into the hot sexy woman he met. I will eventually let him know she is my wife and explain what we are into. I have never had a guy turn me down once I get around to offering to let him take my wife on a date.

I enjoy her dates especially when the guy is someone new. If it is some guy from the gym, Lisa seldom recognizes them. There are so many guys who try to strike up conversations with her and my process of vetting the guys takes so long, she usually does not remember them hitting on her.

This particular Saturday evening I know will be good since it is a guy she has never dated and he first approached her at the gym over six months earlier. I am sure she will not remember him. When I eventually decided to offer him a date I made one last check of his equipment and as we were standing at the mirror drying our hair I asked, “Carl, are you too busy to grab a cup of coffee?”

He answered, “No, sounds good. Meet you out at the snack bar.”

The plan was in motion. It didn’t matter I had done this many times before, it still provided me with a rush of excitement knowing I was about to offer my sexy wife to another guy. I quickly got dressed and headed to the snack bar. It was not busy and as I was standing at the counter to place my order Carl showed up. I pointed to a table in the corner I had picked out for us to sit and talk. “I have this, be there as soon as I pay,” I said letting him know I was paying for the coffee.

Carl not only had a nice size cock and balls, he also had a great body. He was muscular with almost no body fat. If he wanted to put more time into his workouts he could be a body builder. As it was he wasn’t overly muscular like the body builders, but he had no trouble getting Lisa’s attention.

I paid for the two cups of coffee and took them to the table. Carl thanked me and we talked about the workout we had just finished and how we felt it had gone. I slowly turned the conversation to women by asking, “Have you seen that hot little brunette with those amazing green eyes?”

“You mean the little short one with short brown hair?”

“Yea, that is her. She is smoking hot.”

“Yea man she really is a hot one. There are several hot gals here, but she has to be the best. The only problem is she is wearing a wedding ring and that really sucks. Why are all the good ones married?”

“I don’t know, but tell me, if you could, would you fuck her?”

“Hey man, I am a red blooded male. Who wouldn’t give up one of his balls to fuck a woman as hot as that, but like I said, she is married. I don’t want to get sideways with a jealous husband, if you know what I mean.”

“I do understand what you are saying, but let me tell you something. I know her and she is even hotter in bed than she looks.”

“NO SHIT!?!? You have fucked that pussy?”

Nodding my head I said, “I am not shitting you. I have fucked her and I can assure you that pussy is amazing.”

Carl looked at me as if he was trying to decide if he believed me, then asked, “What about her husband? Is she really married or is the ring a fake to just keep the guys away.”

“First off the ring is legit, she is married. Second, with regard to fucking her, I haven’t fucked her just once, I have that pussy several times a week. That sexy little bomb shell is my wife, her name is Lisa.”

Carl pushed back from the table, and as he was getting up held his hands up in front of him and said, “Seriously Paul, I didn’t mean to disrespect you or her. I had no idea…”

I cut him off by saying, “Carl, please sit back down. I am not mad and everything I said is true, she is my wife. I should know how fucking sexy she looks. I love it when guys look at her the way you do. Now sit back down, please.”

Carl took his seat, but it was clear he was not comfortable with the situation. I said, “Have you ever heard of the Hotwife lifestyle?”

He nodded his head indicating he had. I continued, “My wife and I are into that. You see I find guys I want to take her on a date. I then set up the dates. Normally a guy picks her up at our house and takes her someplace nice for dinner. If he wants to take her dancing she is a magnificent dancer. The only thing required is you have to fuck her before returning her home. If you want to spend the night with her, I just need to know in advance. If the two of you hit it off, most likely there will be other dates in the future, but this is not guaranteed. There are only two guarantees. The first is you will get a first date and the second is you will get to fuck that hot body. I will also tell you if you think she looks hot and sexy here, just wait until you see her when she dresses up to impress her date. I am here to tell you she is smoking hot when a guy takes her on a date.”

Carl was listening to my every word, but he was also acting very cautious. Finally he said, “Tell me the truth. This is not some practical joke. You seriously are offering to let me take your wife on a date and the stipulation is I have to fuck her before bringing her home?”

Smiling I said, “That is the long and short of it. To be honest I have checked you out in the shower and I believe my wife will not only make you very happy, I am pretty sure if you know how to use what you have hanging between your legs, you will make her happy as well.”

Placing his hands on both sides of his head he said, “This has to be a fucking dream. If it is will you do me a favor and promise to not pinch me and wake me up?”

I laughed and said, “I promise, and I assure you while this may be a dream date, it is not a dream.”

He was still having trouble getting his mind around everything and said, “I just can’t believe this is happening to me.”

“Believe it. Are you free Saturday night?”

“You mean this Saturday? Fuck yea. Even if I wasn’t, I would be now.”

“Good, give me your cell phone number. You can pick her up at 5:30. You and I will not talk of this again before Saturday, but I need to know the restaurant you will be taking her too, if you are going dancing and the hotel or place you will be taking her for the main event. Also let me know if you are keeping her out over night and when you will have her home. Give me your phone and I will put my information in it so you will know where to pick her up and the number to text me the information.”

He opened a new blank contact then handed me his phone. I filled in my name, address and phone number before handing it back to him. He did the same with my phone. As he handed it back I said, “Remember, her name is Lisa and I know you are going to enjoy your date with my wife.”

As he looked at the information I had entered into his phone he was shaking his head and saying, “This can’t be happening.”

Just before we got up from the table he asked one last question. “Hey buddy, do you mind showing me a photo of her? Maybe even one of the two of you together? You know so I know you really do know her.”

I smiled as I knew what he was doing. He was checking to make sure I was not fucking with him and that she really is my wife. I have two photos I keep handy just for this type of request. I said, “Sure, no problem. I can even send you the photo of her alone, if you would like a copy.”

The first of the two photos was of us together at a social function where Lisa looked particularly cute and sexy. The second photo, the one I would send him, was of Lisa in a very tiny bikini with her sexiest smile. Carl looked at the photos and said, “Fuck yes, send me that one.”

I clicked on the ‘share’ icon and selected his contact information then tapped the Send button. Moments later Carl’s phone announce he had a message. He opened it and stared at the photo then said, “Thanks man! Fuck she is hot!”

“Like I said, she will be ready at 5:30 Saturday. Don’t forget to send me that information.”

“Sure man, no problem.”

As I left the snack bar area I could see Carl was still looking at the photo of Lisa on his phone. I was hoping he would not whip out his cock and start jacking off right there in the snack bar.

Chapter 2 – Date Night with Carl (Paul)

When I got home I told Lisa of my conversation with Carl, but didn’t reveal Carl’s identity. She was laughing as I told her of his typical disbelief. Almost all of the guys I had arranged with to take her on a date had reacted in a similar manner.

She put her arms around my neck and asked, “How big do you think he is?”

This is something we went through each time I arranged a date for her. I said, “You know I am not going to tell you. That is part of the surprise, but have I ever let you down even once?”

“No you haven’t. You said I have met him?”

“Yes, but it was several months ago. I doubt you remember him.”

“Is he cute?”

“Of course, and he has a body I know you will enjoy.”

She gave me a kiss that hardened my cock. One thing about having a hot wife as petite as Lisa, I can easily pick her up and carry her anywhere I want. I did just that, taking her in my arms and carrying her into our bedroom. I usually liked to take my time and fully enjoy her body, but sometimes my lust for her made her irresistible. When that happened I got in a hurry and she liked the fact I would loose control and have to grab a quickie now and then. She was fully dressed and was wearing a short skirt. As I stood beside the bed I was unbuckling my belt at the same time I was kicking off my shoes. I dropped my pants and boxers to the floor then stepped out of them, all the while never taking my eyes off my wife. She was grinning and teasing me.

I hurried onto the bed and pushed her skirt up to her hips, causing her to let out a squeal. Pulling her thong to the side I lowered my hard cock to her pussy and pushed it in her, causing her to let out a gasp and put her arms around my neck pulling me tight against her. Even though there was no foreplay I had no trouble sinking all the way into her. She was already wet from me telling her about Carl.

As she wrapped her legs around me I began fucking her like a mad man. When I take her like this she wants me to fuck her hard and fast. This is much different than when we make love. I was so turned on by her body and knowing I had just arranged for another man to enjoy her this coming weekend, I desperately had to have her. My cock was as hard as it ever gets. I always get like this between the time I set up her dates and when she is picked up. It is during these times our fucking is the most intense.

Sometimes when she returns from her dates and is telling me all the details of what happened we fuck like this again, and sometimes we make love with slow gentle kissing and my cock slowly traveling in and out of her. I don’t care which, both are good. Fucking like we were doing is animalistic savage and primitive, while making love lasts for much longer and is sweet and tender. She enjoys it both ways, but if the guy was particularly aggressive, she is oftentimes sore and likes it better when we make it last longer with less aggressive use of her body.

My passion and memories of my conversation with Carl hurled me over the edge and my balls exploded as my body filled her pussy with cum. When my orgasm ended she was hugging me tight saying, “Honey that felt wonderful. Your cock is the best of any I have ever had.”

I knew she hadn’t cum and I felt bad I had been so self-centered and not taken care of her. Whenever I had mentioned this in the past she always said she didn’t have to have an orgasm every time. She said she received as much enjoyment out of knowing her body had made me feel good.

It was the end of a perfect vacation. Mark and April had been touring Ireland with a rented car for a week and a half then dropped the car in Dublin, and they spent the rest of the time seeing the beautiful city, shopping, and pub hopping the Temple Bar. Mark’s job as an airline pilot allowed them to be able to travel and they took advantage of it every summer, The night before leaving they had dinner at a great restaurant on Parnell Square, attended a play at the Abbey, and headed back to the hotel on O’Connell Street. As they entered the lobby, Mark suggested a nightcap at the bar. “Sounds good to me,” April agreed. They entered the bar to find it packed with theater-goers winding down the day.

“There’s room at the bar,” Mark pointed to three empty stools. They made there way and sat down. The barkeep nodded and come over. “I’m warm and thirsty, rum and coke,” April said; “Irish whiskey with ice, please,” from Mark. They sat and chatted enjoying the drinks. A tall, good-looking man wandered into the room and looked around before walking up to the bar to the one empty stool. “Mind if I sit here?” He addressed April who had her back to the open stool. His voice was quiet and mellow with a beautiful Irish accent.

April turned to the man, smiled and said, “No, I don’t mind. There has been no one there.”

“Thank you,’ he smiled and nodded to Mark and sat down. “You are visiting Ireland on holiday from America?”

“Yes. From San Francisco.” April turned so as not to seemingly ignore him.

“Welcome, hope you are enjoying Ireland.” She noticed he had beautiful smile.

“We have been enjoying it but sadly, this is our last night. We fly home tomorrow.”

Mark noticed that April had turned more to the man, but that was OK. She was just being polite. He signaled and as the bartender approached, the newcomer said, “The name’s Sean, please let me buy you a drink. Always happy to meet a beautiful California girl.”

Before Mark could protest politely, April smiled and said, “Thank you, Sean. My name is April and my husband is Mark.”

Sean told the bartender, “Single malt’ and signaled another round for April and Mark. He turned back to April and they carried on a conversation. When the drinks came, Sean and

April clinked glasses, Sean raised his glass toward Mark, “Slainte,” and began to talk with April. Mark sat and drank his whiskey, rather quickly and signaled for another. He did notice that April had turned toward Sean as they chatted and she had her back to him. She seemed happy as they talked and Mark could not help but notice that Sean was not only good looking but was also charming April and felt a twinge of jealously . . . and excitement at the thought she might be attracted to Sean.

As Mark drank his third whiskey, he watched as Sean reached out and touched April’s arm, gently just above her wrist, thinking, “why doesn’t she pull back?” He couldn’t hear their conversation, the tones were low but it was obvious that he was complimenting her and she was eating it up. Why did he feel his own cock harden a bit? Sean signaled for another round of drinks. And after twenty minutes, another round.

The crowd had thinned until most of the tables had emptied and there were only three of them sitting at the bar, April was still turned toward Sean who reached up and caressed April’s face. Mark noticed but it didn’t make him jealous, instead, he couldn’t stop the feeling of excitement that overwhelmed him, that forbidden feeling of knowing that another man found his wife sexually attractive. April was attractive, he knew that. When he first saw her seven years ago he fell in love with her. He was the captain on an airline commercial airline flight that had landed at LHR, London’s airport, and the crew was checking in.

They had to wait a few minutes because the hotel was having a photoshoot for an advertising brochure and the “couple,” two models, were being photographed as they enjoyed the hotel room, hotel food, hotel bar, hotel balcony. The airline crew happened to come in when they were setting up for the couple “registering at the reception desk.”

The female model was a gorgeous Eurasian woman with black hair done up like a ballerina, those Asian almond eyes that were a startling blue! He found out later that her dad was English and her mother was Japanese and both genes showed in her eyes. Like most models, she was leggy and slender with small boobs, but he was smitten and made the decision to talk to her. Six months later they were married.

At the time, the idea of another man wanting her for sex would have raised his protective instincts. But somehow, he found it sexually appealing to see Sean’s interest in April . . . and her reaction. So when she turned and said, “Sean invited us to his room for a drink,” he said, “Sure, why not?”

Sean dropped a few bills on the bar and they left. To see them walking down the hall to the elevators, a bystander would have thought Sean and April were the married couple with Mark a casual friend. When they arrived at the elevators, Sean pushed the button, the door opened, he gestured for April to step in and followed her; Mark followed behind. Inside, Sean pushed the button for the top floor and as the door slid shut, he turned to April, put his arms around her, and kissed her. April’s hands went up behind his neck as she returned the kiss and held it until the door slid open. Mark knew he could no longer pretend he was disinterested. The front of his pants showed clearly that he understood what they intended as he followed them down the hall to Sean’s room.

Once inside, Sean took off his jacket and tossed it on a chair. “Mark, if you want a drink, help yourself,” gesturing to a bottle of Irish whiskey next to two glasses on the dresser. He clicked on the radio to bring up the sound of a smooth orchestra playing The Way You Look Tonight. Mark took off his coat and put it on the chair and sat down on the bed. April’s clutch purse joined the jackets and she went to Sean, put her arms around him, and kissed him again. They began to dance close and slowly, holding the kiss until Sean broke it, still looking at April, “Mark, do you want me to fuck April?

Taken aback by the suddenness of the question, Mark was unable to answer. He knew he should intervene and get them out of there before it went too far, but he knew that he had been thinking about it and only thinking about him fucking her since they were sitting at the bar. “Ah… I, ah . . . I think that is up to April.,” he answered weakly.

With his eyes still on her “I didn’t ask about April, I asked if YOU wanted me to fuck her.”

Mark was tongue-tied and didn’t know what to say. April’s soft voice came to him, “Sean asked you a question, Mark. Answer him.”

With eyes downcast, he said,” Yes.”

“Say it louder, Mark. I want to be sure that’s what you want, too,” making it clear that’s what she wanted.

“YES! Yes, yes, April. I want him to fuck you.”

They stopped dancing, Sean turned to him,” Then get under the bed.”


“Get under the bed. You should know what your wife is doing, but we don’t need you watching.”

Defeated, Mark rose off the bed and crawled under it, lying on his back looking up at the springs and mattress over his head. He turned his head to see the two pairs of feet return to dancing, moving closely together until they stopped. He saw April’s right leg come up in that oh-so-feminine motion of bending, forming an L, as she kissed Sean again. Her leg coming down, slipping off her heels. Her dress dropping to the floor forming a pool around her feet.

Her bra dropped, followed by her panties to join the shoes and dress on the floor.

The two pairs of legs approached the bed and Mark saw the mattress sag in two places as they sat on the edge and Sean took his clothes off and dropped them on the floor, the two sagging motions turned to long convex shapes inches above him. The shapes moving, April’s voice, moaning softly, with sounds familiar to him. Mark knew how he was touching her, driving her need.

As the shapes moved closer, closer, finally to one; one shape moving sinuously, knowing it was April, inches above him being taken by a man they had met only hours earlier. He couldn’t stand it anymore, He opened his pants, freeing his throbbing cock and began to stroke it, timing his strokes to the movement in the mattress just over him. Mark felt better than if he were the one fucking April above him. His fingers using just the right pressure, his hand timing his stroking. His mind pictured Sean’s cock impaling April’s smooth cunt, driving her, taking possession of her body and mind. The sounds grew louder, Aprils moaning and Sean’s driving powerful thrusts until he heard him grunt, NOW! And quick moves on the mattress, April’s legs on the floor, on her knees, the front of her thighs just inches in front of his eyes, joined quickly by Sean’s legs, the back of his calves bracketing her legs.

Then a low growl from Sean followed by April’s unngghhh…gagggggnnn..kk…kkk gagging from her mouth. And then silence. Mark’s hand kept pumping his cock, driving him better than Sean’s penetration of April. unable to stop until he felt it explode, cumming better than if he had been the one fucking April. The strongest orgasm, he ever experienced. And it was over. He crawled out from under their bed.

Sean was lying across the bed on his back. April’s carefully made ballerina bun was undone, hair down around her shoulders, strings of cum across her hair and her face. Makeup smudged, mouth smeared with Sean’s cum. Mark thought she had never looked so beautiful, but he felt unusually satisfied. He knew Sean was happy that he had made a conquest with his wife and that April had the fuck of her life. And he felt fulfilled. Totally fulfilled. He put himself together, picked up his jacket, and asked, “Are you coming.”

“No.” April looked at her husband. “You go downstairs. Go to bed. I will come down in the morning in time for us to leave.” Mark left, closing the door and returned to their room. He was tired and went to bed but sleep didn’t come easily. He lay there, thinking of April upstairs, thinking and knowing Sean was fucking her and touching himself until he needed to jerk off and cum again. And again. And again. It was as good as fucking April. But, no, it was better and got better. He didn’t have to see her getting fucked, it was enough to KNOW she was getting fucked that made his cumming feel stronger than ever before. Before he fell asleep, he was no longer thinking about April.

The sound of the door opening woke him. He opened his eyes and the April he saw was well fucked, Hair all matted, no makeup, clothes barely enough on her body to get to their room. She smelled of sex. He felt the same as he felt the first time he saw April, the perfect model of the perfect wife in the hotel photoshoot. Now looking like the well-fucked wife she needed to be. He held his hand out to her and she came to him, kissed him, and straddled his chest. “One more. I need one more” and begin to grind her cunt into his mouth. His senses were flooded with the taste of her and Sean and as he sucked her, his hand went to his cock, hard again.and began to stroke it. It didn’t take long for her to moan, cumming in his mouth as he jerked off, again feeling the strongest charge of cumming as ever. She could barely drag herself to the shower and get dressed to make the flight home.

April, looking again like the perfectly beautiful model when he met her, sat next to her husband as the plane carried them away from Europe. Neither of them spoke for a while until April turned to him, “Mark, I am not sorry for what I did. I want you to know that. I love you but I need more than we have.” Mark leaned over to his wife and kissed her, “I know, April, and I accept what you need. I love you.” And Mark kissed her, knowing what she was and that their marriage had fundamentally changed. He could hardly wait for them to be home, for April to find cocks to fulfill her need to get fucked by other men, and for him to be alone, knowing April’s cunt was being used, and feel his fingers wrapped around his cock, stroking. Stroking for that beautiful cum that he never again needed her to supply.
Carl sent me the information I had requested. It was simply for my personal knowledge and I never share it with Lisa. The only thing I ever tell Lisa is whether or not she needs to have what she needs for an overnight stay. It didn’t really surprise me when Carl had texted me saying he would be keeping her overnight. Most of the guys wanted to keep her all night and I believe she preferred spending the night with them.

I looked at my watch and it was 5:20. Carl was due to arrive in ten minutes. About then Lisa emerged from the bedroom carrying her small overnight bag. It was not surprising that she looked stunning. She was wearing her strappy four inch stilettos, a short snug fitting black skirt, and white blouse. She had a diamond pendant necklace around her neck with diamond stud earrings in her pierced ears. On her wrist she wore several gold bangle bracelets and on her left hand she wore her wedding ring.

The fragrance of her perfume was intoxicating. As she came toward me she placed her overnight bag on the floor and I hugged her tight. When I release her she asked, “Do I look okay?”

“No baby you don’t look okay, you look absolutely perfect. I promise you his cock is going to be hard when he sees you.”

“I hope so,” was her only reply.

She always got a little nervous just before the men arrived to pick her up. I knew better than kiss her and mess up her lipstick, instead I hugged her tight and whispered into her ear, “I love you so much. Fuck his brains out. Show him what a hot wife I have.”

“I will, I promise.”

Just then I heard someone at the door. I let her go and quickly slipped off to my hiding spot. She went to the door and waited until she saw I was in place before opening the door. When she opened the door I could see she was trying to remember Carl from the gym, but am not sure she ever was able to place him.

I could see he was glancing around the house, probably looking for me, but when he didn’t see me he said, “Lisa?”

“Yes, and you must be Carl, my date for the evening.”

“You are beautiful! I still can’t believe this is happening.”

Lisa always had a way of breaking the tension by doing or saying something they didn’t expect. She reached to his pants and squeezed his hard shaft through his slacks. Holding his cock firmly in her hand she said, “I believe there is a part of you that at least hopes it is real.”

Carl smiled and put his arms around her and hugged her. She gave him a peck on the lips and said, “I packed a few things, since I understand I am spending the night in your bed.”

“Yes, I hope that is Okay.”

“Honey, if my husband gave me to you for the night, it is all good with me. It is entirely his decision. I do hope you don’t mind I prefer to sleep nude.”

“Oh fuck! I don’t mind at all,” said Carl.

He was grinning ear to ear as he reached down to pick up her bag. He opened the door for her and followed her out onto the porch, puling the door closed behind him.